DeepMind goes deep into eyes
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DeepMind goes deep into eyes

Alphabet Inc.’s DeepMind, the artificial intelligence experts that are behind AlphaGo and other industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) products, is branching out into eye care! The unit said that it plans to develop a medical product that will help doctors detect “more than 50” conditions which can threaten sight through a “common type of eye scan.”

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This isn’t Alphabet’s first foray into the medical applications of its vast technological portfolio, but it may be one of the more practical examples. According to a study published last Monday in scientific journal Nature Medicine, DeepMind’s tech has been trained well enough that it can outperform human doctors in the discover of a number of conditions. The company’s research partners, London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital and the University College London Institute of Ophthalmology, released a joint statement with DeepMind saying that they plan “prospective clinical trials of the technology in 2019.”

Should those trials go as planned, DeepMind has said that it would aim to create a “regulator-approved” product for Moorfields to roll out across the country. The product, which would be free for the first five years, would be the first one in which DeepMind’s AI algorithms (using machine learning) had been used in a healthcare product that made it to market.

DeepMind said that extra attention had been given to make sure that the eye scans that its AI was trained with were anonymous, following controversy from the creation of another product for the UK’s National Health Service years previously. On a test of 1,000 separately sourced scans, the algorithm reached a 94% success rate, with no false positives.


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