Dassault CEO: China is delivering “incredible innovations”
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Dassault CEO: China is delivering “incredible innovations”

Bernard Charles, CEO of multinational software company Dassault Systemes, thinks that China is on the right track when it comes to mixing technological advancement and sustainability. Dassault is best known as the designer of powerful 3D imaging software for design, digital mock-up, and “product lifesysle management.” Charles was speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier this month.

He told CNBC: “In the last two years I have observed a number of incredible innovations in China, you see that in many high-tech sectors. Also in transportation, in aircraft even - highly sophisticated technology. I think they are really addressing the innovation of tomorrow in a more sustainable way. They are really serious about it. You look at the rules they are putting in place for the cities to reduce pollution, very tough initiatives."

Sustainability and innovation are two ‘watchwords’ of the modern era, with both being embraced by business for a number of reasons. Most obviously: as resources dwindle against a rising population, greater environmental efficiency will become paramount for effective business; and the Millennial generation – which has now reached full purchasing power – wants innovative, environmentally ethical, products.

If China is on the right track, Mr. Charles would be less-likely to praise America’s commander-in-chief, Donald Trump. With the new president just beginning his tenure, he has already signaled that climate change will not be a priority, and imposed light censorship on governmental scientists. This being the case, even more onus falls on the private sector to pick up the challenges that might once have been addressed by government. 

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