CTS Eventim makes in-roads into Europe with Venuepoint
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CTS Eventim makes in-roads into Europe with Venuepoint

German ticketing giant CTS Eventim is looking to extend its empire deeper into Europe. One vehicle with which it hopes to get a greater foothold is by taking full ownership of ticketing firm Venuepoint, which it previously owned alongside Nordisk Film. With full ownership, Venuepoint could give its single parent a structure that will help it penetrate Sweden Denmark and Norway.

The company’s chief operating officer, Alexander Ruoff, was eager to talk through the benefits of expansion in Scandinavia: “The Scandinavian countries are particularly attractive to us, not only because of their spending power but also because of their strong digital affinity. Therefore, we are very much looking forward to actively contributing to Venuepoint’s further growth over the long term.”

The move deeper into Scandinavia is part of Eventim’s goal of ramping up its digital ticketing service. Given the fact that these countries are consistently at the top of the charts when it comes to digital subscriptions and services, it’s easy to see why Eventim is interested in them.

For their part, the people at Nordisk Film seem to agree that this move offers Venuepoint the “best possible result,” and that it will help propel digital ticketing “to the next level” in the region.

Ruoff was eager to praise Nordisk for their “trustful collaboration” over the course of the companies’ joint ownership of Venuepoint, but says he is looking forward to the future, and the leveraging of CTS Eventim’s full resources when it comes to furthering Venuepoint’s growth. That’s comething that Venuepoint’s CEO, Jens B. Arnesen agrees with. Arnesen told reporters:

“Personally and on behalf of my colleagues, I want to thank Nordisk Film for all their confidence and dedication. At the same time, I'm looking forward to further developing our business with the unique expertise of Europe's leading ticketing provider CTS EVENTIM. I am sure that we will benefit not only from their resources and network, but also from the new and simplified ownership structure.”

Dominion holds CTS Eventim in its Global Trends Luxury Fund.

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