Certified construction for FedEx
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Certified construction for FedEx

The global courier company announced a new construction project this week, opened a new hub, and in a third story a court in Utah ruled that items delivered by the company do not count as certified mail for legal purposes.

In Memphis, Tennessee, where FedEx has its world hub at Memphis International Airport, the company applied for a building permit on Monday with the Memphis-Shelby County Construction Code Enforcement Office. The existing FedEx Express Hub at the airport covers 3.5 square kilometres and has approximately 343000 square metres of facilities, the new building project is valued at $35.4million about $9 for every square foot.

Meanwhile in Shanghai FedEx was opening its new hub at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport becoming the third major international courier alongside UPS and DHL to have a hub in Shanghai. Up to 36000 packages and documents can be processed in the hub every hour and the Shanghai International Express and Cargo hub, which covers 13400 square metres, expects to see 66 flights in and out every week.

Shanghai has been in the top three cities in the world for air couriers for the last 10 years with the city seeing a post and cargo throughout of nearly 4million tonnes in 2017.

Lastly Ryan Harris a judge in Utah’s Salt Lake City made a ruling on Saturday night that FedEx’s courier service does not count as “certified mail” in the legal sense. The ruling follows the delivery of notice of violation from the state labour commission to Kuhni and Sons, an animal rendering plant in central Utah. Judge Harris ruled that “we are persuaded that the term ‘certified mail,’ as used in the relevant statute, encompasses only items sent via certified mail through the United States Postal Service, we hold that the State did not properly serve Kuhni when it sent the Citation to Kuhni via FedEx


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