Booking Holdings new report details “The Next Billion” people to go online
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Booking Holdings new report details “The Next Billion” people to go online

A new survey by the world’s leading online accommodation and travel ecommerce company, Booking Holdings, has shined a light on the near future of internet adoption. According to the report, simply called “The Next Billion Online”, the biggest barrier to internet adoption is not technical, but rather, linguistic.

Booking Holdings’ share price has risen by 8% so far this year

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The research, which focussed on Asia’s digital transformation, found a powerful trend when it came to language use: a full three quarters of respondents (76%) said that the “online dominance of English” prevented other people in their country from “fully participating in a digitally economic, cultural and social life.” The same proportion of respondents said that a lack of affordable internet services was a barrier, and 72% said a lack of affordable devices on which to access the internet was a barrier.

Internet penetration is predicted to reach a similar level in Asia as it has in the west, bringing another billion people online in the near future. The survey found that traditional attitudes towards the technology had already begun to change, with 79% of people claiming that the internet was a “basic necessity” and 82% claiming it as a “fundamental right”. News, social media, buying goods and services, job searches, and entertainment were amongst the areas that respondents believed could be supercharged by internet access. And an incredible 91% thought internet access would increase gender equality in their countries.

Discussing the results, Booking Holding’s CEO, Glenn Fogel, said: “Looking at the ways in which respondents anticipate the Next Billion using the Internet, a picture emerges of aspirations waiting to be unleashed. When these consumers are finally connected to the Internet, it is likely to accelerate a whole range of areas including the retail market, the job market and leisure and entertainment landscape.”


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