Aston Martin’s first (and only) electric vehicle has just dropped!
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Aston Martin’s first (and only) electric vehicle has just dropped!

Earlier this week, at the Shanghai Motor Show, iconic luxury carmaker Aston Martin unveiled its first (and only) electric car: the Rapide E. This vehicle will replace the Rapide’s traditional V2 engine with batteries and electric motors (hence the “E”), and will be featured on the silver screen in fictional British superspy James Bond’s next outing. But, if you want to drive the same environmentally-friendly ride as Mr. Bond, don’t wait around: only 155 of these four-door supercars will ever be made.

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Before we go any further, it may be worth clarifying something. We recently discussed how some carmakers are struggling to embrace the industry’s future (a major component of which is electrification). Despite this being (according to the company) the first and only electric Aston Martin, it will be producing more electric cars. That’s what its Lagonda brand is for. Rather, investors should consider this an example of what a real luxury carmaker can do with electrification. And, perhaps, an indication of what the highest end of Lagonda’s future models might evolve out of.

On to the car itself. In its write-up of the Motor Show, CNN described the vehicle thusly: “Aston Martin designers and engineers slightly altered the body of the sleek four-door Rapide to improve its aerodynamics. Since electric cars require much less air than gasoline-powered cars, the Rapide E's grill was changed to allow less air to flow in. The area under the body was also designed to allow air to flow underneath the car more smoothly.”

“Batteries for the 602-horsepower car are housed where the V12 engine, the transmission and the fuel tank would go in the gasoline-powered version. The car can drive more than 200 miles on a charge, according to Aston Martin. It can go from zero to 60 miles an hour in under four seconds and its top speed is 155 miles an hour.”

That 155 is also an important number for production, as it’s the maximum amount of Rapide Es that will be made. Priced at “something over £250,000” it’s the ultimate car for someone who enjoys exclusivity and performance without damaging the planet.


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