Amazon’s next venture: sustainability
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Amazon’s next venture: sustainability

News broke earlier this week about Amazon’s next big venture. But it’s not planning to disrupt yet another industry, or beat Elon Musk to Mars – this time, the company’s goals are far more down to earth: it wants to go green. When you’ve got the kind of globe-spanning operation that Amazon is known for, that’s no easy task. That, of course, from a purely environmental perspective, makes it all the more important.

If Amazon can pull it off, the company will benefit in two ways: first, it could offer a much-needed injection of positive consumer sentiment (see the furore that accompanied Amazon’s attempts to set up shop in New York earlier this month) and, of course, going sustainable will have measurable cost savings for businesses over time.

Amazon’s share price has increased by 10% so far this year

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In a blog post published Monday, the company outlined plans for what it calls “Shipment Zero” – an initiative that will see it commit to a long-term goal of using 100% renewable energy for all Amazon infrastructure worldwide. That’s a big task, and in the medium-term, Amazon will content itself with hitting a 50% target instead. And later this year, the company will take its first foray into eco-friendliness by releasing its company-wide carbon footprint.

Amazon’s not the first corporate body to tackle climate change (21 tech companies signed a joint agreement last year to “ensure a climate turning point by 2020”) but it is the biggest. According to the company, modern innovations around renewable tech like electric vehicles, aviation bio fuels, packaging, and energy, has made zero-emission operations a real possibility.

In the blog post, Amazon noted that it would encourage other companies to embrace green living too: “We aren’t going at this alone. We will continue to use our scale and the feedback customers share with us to enable and encourage suppliers up and down our supply chain to reduce their own environmental impact,” and signed the message off: “We believe that lower costs include lowering the costs to the environment we all live and work in every day. We’ll keep you posted as we work towards achieving Shipment Zero.”


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