Amazon hits the biggest of screens in February
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Amazon hits the biggest of screens in February

Amazon’s next Super Bowl ad shows just how far Alexa has come. The teaser trailer released the other day stars a bemused-looking Jeff Bezos as he hears that Alexa has “lost her voice”. It’s an interesting concept that relies on the technology’s wide acceptance for its engagement factor. But, as bold a strategy as it might be to run with, the company’s confidence in Alexa is not unfounded. Thre separate reports released last year estimated Amazon’s share of the Smart Speaker Virtual Personal Assistant market at between 70% and 76% - Google, meanwhile, which is often seen as Amazon’s “main” competitor has between 15% and 24%, according to those same reports.

Check out Jeff Bezos’ acting debut below:

It’s not the first time we’ve seen tech titan-founders in a starring cinematic role. Last year, we were treated to a glimpse of Jack Ma’s martial arts film, featuring him as Tai Chi fighter that takes on all-comers (see the end of this article). What next – will Bill Gates be taking over from Ben Affleck as Batman? That’s about as unlikely as Bezos choosing to drop business and try for a second career as a Hollywood leading man. Still, his performance is pretty good – not as good as his record in Ecommerce, but then what is?

Having sold 20 million Amazon Echo units featuring Alexa, the company must feel like it’s on firm ground with the concept of the latest advert. This is a marked difference from 2016, the company’s first Super Bowl ad, where Amazon found itself trying to explain Alexa to an audience that wasn’t au fait with the smart speaker world. The interesting question is not what Bezos’ next role will be, but rather, how much further can Alexa go?


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