Alibaba looks to go global on Olympic visibility
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Alibaba looks to go global on Olympic visibility

Chinese Ecommerce giant Alibaba is the dominant force in its own market, but its international presence pales in comparison. That might be about to change, as Alibaba’s Olympic advertising around the Winter Games garners massive amounts of attention. Its first advert “The greatness of Small” has – at time of writing – received more than 8 million YouTube views in under a month.

Alibaba’s new ad is a hit – check it out below

A year ago, Alibaba announced that it was joining The Olympic Partner (TOP) program, the highest level of sponsorship available. 12 other brands have bought into the program, including Coca Cola and Proctor & Gamble. These companies will get the rare privilege of using Olympic branding in their marketing materials and advertisement.

Alibaba’s president, Olympic gold medalist Mike Evans, described the synergy between Alibaba and the Olympic committee, saying:

“What we really care about is small businesses and young people and leveling the playing field through the use of technology to allow these people to participate in the global economy. Of course, what the Olympic movement, what the IOC really cares about, is the participation of all nations and athletes in a sporting event where everyone gets to come and there’s no determination at the beginning about who will win. So again, leveling the playing field for maximum participation and providing the opportunity for everybody.”

Alibaba’s share price has appreciated by 86% over the past year

graph 2202 alibaba

SOURCE: Yahoo Finance

Alibaba, which does not sell a product itself, but rather lets small businesses hawk their wares on its Tmall and Taobao shopping platforms, is looking to gain visibility outside China’s borders. It thinks small businesses are the future, and wants to be there to capitalize on them, wherever “there” may be. Evans explains:

“Alibaba considers itself to be an enabler of small businesses who are the underdogs. And Jack Ma has often talked about the dominance of 60,000 multinational corporations over the last 50 or 60 years in the global economy and what we believe — and we’re seeing it happen — is that in the next 30 to 50 years millions and millions of small businesses around the world, connected through technology and enabled by logistics and payments cloud services, will need to sell their products in markets that they never envisioned possible. And therefore, they will become more included in the global economy and be able to make a contribution. Those are the underdogs today.”


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