Activision’s Destiny 2 is a huge improvement – will that translate into sales?
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Activision’s Destiny 2 is a huge improvement – will that translate into sales?

Destiny, Activision Blizzard’s space exploration and adventure game, was a huge commercial success. It was the biggest selling title when it launched in September 2014, and, according to the company, the biggest launch of any game ever, selling $500 million to retail stores and first parties worldwide. Just over a year later, the game had 25 million registered players, making it a crucial franchise for the publisher. Now, Destiny 2 has launched. And if early reports are anything to go by, it’s better than the first.

Activision Blizzard’s share price has gone up by 81% so far this year


SOURCE: Yahoo Finance

The sequel launched for the PS4 and Xbox One last week, and will go live for the PC on October 24. Writing at Wired, reviewer Matt Kamon says the first game’s sole weak spot was its storytelling. This has been a common complaint about Destiny, and for many players, it was a fundamental one. However, this time round, Activision and developer Bungie have gone above and beyond to fix it. The result is a game that Kamon describes as “a legitimately great piece of science fiction storytelling, with a gripping cast of non-playable characters.”

Having addressed the one weakness in the previous game, and given the immense amount of online hype over the release, can Activision expect Destiny 2 to outperform its incredibly successful predecessor? It’s highly likely. The game has only been out for a week – it already has “millions” of players signed up.


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