25% of Millennials spend 5 hours daily on their mobile phone
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25% of Millennials spend 5 hours daily on their mobile phone

A new survey conducted by mobile device care company B2X suggests that Millennials are even more in love with their mobile phones than previously thought. The survey included 2,600 participants across 5 countries and demonstrates that as much as 25% of the Millennial generation spends 5 hours a day glued to a mobile screen. And a full half of all Millennials spend 3 hours on their phones.

Erin Lowry, author of Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together, thinks 5 hours a day as the maximum rate might be underselling how much time Millennials spend on their phones daily:

“Between texting being a primary means of communication and the constant draw to check social media profiles for how many likes your most recent thought or picture received – five hours may even be on the low end of the spectrum. Those 3 to 5 minute intervals on the phone add up quickly.”

While half of Millennials look at their phone 50 times or more per day, Boomers are less obsessed with the technology – Millennials check their phones three times as much as the older generation. Nonetheless, mobile obsession is not exclusively Millennial – as a culture, we’re becoming addicted to our phones.

The survey said that 88% of people of all ages get withdrawal symptoms when kept apart from their phones. These include feelings of frustration (27%), being lost (26%), stress (19%), and sadness (16%). Perhaps not surprising when you realize that Millennials spend more time with their phones than they do with significant others, parents, friends, children or coworkers. And nearly half of that generation told Pew Researchers in 2015 that they “couldn’t live without” their smartphone.

The above might not all make a positive impression, but it does tell a clear story for investors: you can’t ignore mobile anymore.


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