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Investing in Ecommerce

See. Think. Invest. is the philosophy at the core of Dominion’s every investment decision.

The internet has changed the world in a fundamental way, creating a single borderless marketplace defined by instant information, access, and limitless choice, rather than geography. The technology that allows access to the web has progressed to such a level of simplicity and acceptability that the global demographic of users now encompasses the vast majority of humanity across almost all age groups.

Technology is now too broad a term for any meaningful investment definition. It is looking at trends within the technology sector that provides the most attractive investment opportunities. Of which, the single fastest growing global trend is electronic commerce. This sector is very young (it didn’t exist a decade ago), incredibly disruptive, and is changing the way every business interacts with its customers. Finally it is inevitable and completely unstoppable.

The potential of ecommerce is exponential growth - for those companies that get it right. The investment opportunities within the sector are incredibly diverse and encompass almost every industry. They include start-up companies as well as the world’s largest corporations, which allows for a well-diversified portfolio of holdings that, by their very nature, are highly liquid and transparent. Given the disruptive and viral nature of ecommerce it is also very fast moving, and requires dynamic investment strategies.

The top performing sector that doesn’t exist

The top performing sector that doesn’t exist

Ecommerce is not an investment sector in any traditional sense. It is instead a way of identifying and filtering investment opportunities to understand which are the best-positioned companies for a world that has fundamentally changed. In managing Ecommerce Fund we are constantly looking for the companies that are best positioned to facilitate, or benefit from, this rapidly growing trend. As such we are not limited by geography or market sector, but rather by the simple benchmark of looking for who has the best ideas and the best execution. The best definition of ecommerce might simply be ‘how people do business in an online world’.

In the press of a button

In the world of ecommerce, nothing takes longer than pressing a button. This makes it one of the most dynamic investment sectors in the world, which brings with it a unique set of challenges. In the seconds it takes to publish a social media post, fortunes can be won and lost. However, there are two factors about ecommerce that make managing a fund easier, and they are as profound as they are simple: first, ecommerce always behaves logically, as it is driven by an imperative that it must improve on what came before; and second, it values innovation and creativity. We pride ourselves on our ability to evaluate and embrace innovative propositions, and our results are testimony to this fact.

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