For the seasoned Investor

The DXE (US$) and DXE (€) Funds ("DX") follows the same Global Trends investment philosophy of all Dominion funds and follows a very similar asset allocation strategy to our Managed Fund (see here for more details). However, where Managed Fund is a more generic fund designed for low volatility and long term results, DX adds a further and much more sophisticated dimension to the investment strategy with the inclusion of synthetic leverage.

DX is designed for experienced investors who, while happy to take a broader more diversified approach to portfolio management, seek to achieve above average market returns. By taking advantage of strategic and timely increases in exposure to those trends in areas we believe are the best opportunities for growth as they exist at any one time.

managed plus global portfolio

A Global Portfolio

DX looks at the world from a macroeconomic perspective, and applies our Global Trends investment philosophy to find lucrative, long-term, investment opportunities that are a direct result of certain trends which are changing our world.

As a result, the investment portfolio of DX is very diverse and includes a spectrum of investments sectors that can include technology, healthcare, agriculture, infrastructure and consumer spending, to name just a few. As such the fund is unrestrained by sector or geography, offering a flexible and diversified portfolio that changes over time, in sync with the world.

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Invest in the things that are changing your world

One of the benefits of DX is that you are investing in Global Trends that are easily understandable and, by definition, affect us all. In fact you can witness the trends you are investing in all around you: If you own a smartphone, a computer, have a bank account, or a credit card, you are part of the Ecommerce trend. The Healthcare trend will affect nearly all of us as modern technology allows our parents to live longer and our children to live healthier. We are now entering a fourth industrial revolution, where Energy considerations, Water, Agriculture, and Technology are likely to dictate not only the future of society on our planet but also some of the most compelling investment opportunities in the world.

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