Pandora and Disney – which one’s beauty, and which one’s the beast?
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Pandora and Disney – which one’s beauty, and which one’s the beast?

Like the titular characters in its latest film, Disney is partnering with Danish Jeweler Pandora to make something beautiful. The American entertainment powerhouse will soon be releasing the latest live-action update to its canon, a modern version of Beauty and the Beast starring Harry Potter alumni and women’s rights campaigner Emma Watson as Belle, the ‘beauty’ from the title. Other big names playing a part include Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, and Emma Thompson, amongst others.

But another big name, Pandora Jewelry, will also be involved. The company has partnered with Disney to create a Beauty and the Beast jewelry collection, commemorating a story that is – at its heart – as much about inner beauty as outer.

The collection will include Belle’s Radiant Rose charm, Mrs. Potts & Chip charm, a Beauty and the Beast bangle, Belle’s Dress charm, Belle’s Enchanted Rose charm, and Belle’s Signature Colour charm.

Pandora will also be selling a special Disney Beauty and the Beast gift set in-stores only.

Beth Moeri, Pandora’s chief merchandising officer in the Americas, said:

“We are excited to extend the story to Disney fans with our new jewelry collection inspired by Beauty and the Beast. We truly value our collaboration with Disney and are happy to share that we now offer over one hundred unique pieces within our Disney collection.”

Disney consumer product revenue 2009 – 2016

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SOURCE: Statistica

Disney makes serious money from its merchandising operations – literally, billions every year. One of the ways the company does this is by taking an intelligent approach to licensing and distribution – that’s why you won’t see any Belle action figures with fully detachable machine guns, but you will see Belle’s Enchanted Rose charms.

But the company’s targeting goes beyond the obvious. While these charms will appeal to countless little girls who catch the new release later this week (the film opens on the March 17, if you’re planning a trip to the movies), it might also appeal to another demographic: their Millennial mummies, who almost certainly grew up swooning over the hairy hunk in 1991 (I know, I know, but don’t blame me – Emma Watson herself confessed to having a ‘crush’ on the Beast all those years ago).

So daddies in the audience might want to consider doubling up on Beauty and the Beast gift boxes this year – something Disney and Pandora have no doubt got in mind.

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