Can AI cure world hunger?
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Can AI cure world hunger?

World hunger has been an issue for decades, as the world has not been able to produce enough food, distribute it well enough, or grow it in undeveloped areas in some cases. Now, Syngenta, along with a partner, have created a new challenge to see if artificial intelligence (AI) technology can help the issue.

As the global population rises, there is a huge need to harness technology to try and ease the issues facing food production, as there will be an increasing demand without doubt.

This is where the world’s technology and farming companies, along with governments all over the world, are looking to help. Syngenta, the global agrochemical and seed company, have partnered with the AI for Good Foundation to launch the Syngenta AI Challenge.

The challenge is an international competition aimed at leveraging AI tools towards seed breeding, to try and put the technology towards solving these food production issues. The competition is ‘accepting submissions from applicants who are ready to put their programming skills to the test for the chance to win $7,500.’

Joseph Byrum, senior research and development strategic marketing executive at Syngenta, said: “This new competition will give entrants the chance to use their talents to take on the extraordinary complexity of seed genetic data.

“In the face of a rising global population, we need to grow plants that can adapt and thrive in changing conditions – especially as vital resources like water and land are finite. The Syngenta AI Challenge is about creating models that can help solve this puzzle and ensure world food security.”

Matt Hopkins, writing in CropLife, has reported: ‘Entrants will be provided datasets that include seed genetic information as well as soil, weather and climate data. Entries will be evaluated based on the rigor and validity of the process used to determine which variety or varieties are selected for planting and should include a documented methodology.’

It is both reassuring and positive that Syngenta are creating partnerships and challenges like the AI Challenge, as they continue to work on solving major global problems. 

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