Baidu launch home robot
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Baidu launch home robot

As you will have seen from the relentless adverts and promotional pushes around Christmas, one of the major trends in technology at the moment is for virtual personal assistants (VPAs). Now, Baidu have revealed their new product, which showcases their spin on the technology.

The Chinese search company have made a splash amongst technology fans and spectators as they have revealed ‘Little Fish’ their voice-controlled family robot that is clearly in the same mould as Amazon Echo or Google Home.

The product, which was unveiled at the CES technology show in Las Vegas, responds to voice commands using a combination of pictures, text and speech. However, unlike many of their rivals, such as Amazon’s Echo, Little Fish’s artificial intelligence is dependent on a touchscreen monitor.

The product has been created using hardware that was developed by Ainemo Inc, a Chinese robotics firm, but Little Fish is powered by Baidu’s AI operating system which is called DuerOS.

Dominik Bosnjak, writing in Android Headlines, said: ‘Little Fish is equipped with a display that it utilizes to provide users with information and hints for interacting with Baidu’s AI-powered operating system. The robot supports traditional voice commands and can be ordered to perform all kinds of tasks supported by other contemporary digital assistants. Among other things, users can tell Little Fish to play music, set an alarm, provide them with updates on news and traffic, or remind them of their responsibilities.’

Baidu share price over the last month
As of 06 December 2016: 177.47

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Speaking to the BBC, Andrew Ng, Baidu’s chief scientist stated that artificial intelligence is ‘the new electricity’. He said: “AI has been growing steadily - every year our AI has been 50% better. Those of us on the inside feel the acceleration now but we have been feeling it for the last decade.

"Just as 100 years ago the electrification of our society transformed industry after industry, I think AI tech has now reached that stage."

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